From media pitching and social media management to brand journalism and event planning, we know how to help you build and maintain relationships that last with anyone who comes into contact with your company.



Whether you're looking for video content, print materials, or anything in between, we bring our most creative ideas to the table, grounded in strategic thinking and in-depth research, to help you persuade people to buy into what you do.


Our strategic communication services begin with an understanding of the space in which our clients operate. We use industry-standard tools to gather, analyze, and interpret information about your market, customers, competitors, and more.


Are you looking to develop a face for your company or product–or perhaps give it a bit of a makeover? We offer design, logo, website creation, and many other services to help you create a unique name and image that will make an impression.




When working with Inigo, you can choose from our vast spectrum of services. We start by analyzing your business needs and making recommendations accordingly, but we are always ready to adapt our services as your wants and needs change or as new opportunities arise. 


Our Process

  1. Research

    Analytics | Market Research

    Research. No matter your industry, product, service, or mission, we take the time to understand the intricate details of what you do and how you fit into your respective market. By gathering a wealth of knowledge, we are better able to strengthen your marketing tactics. 

2. Plan

Strategy | Consulting | Brief

Plan. We know that what turns a brilliant idea into an effective one is strategy. Before we start letting the creative ideas fly, we delve into our research and work with you to figure out what messages will resonate with your audiences and how to deliver them. 

3. Execute

Content Creation | Media Kits | Event Planning

Execute. After we've developed a plan that fits your needs, we turn our creative energies loose and begin preparing the deliverables you need to communicate your messages in a compelling way. Whether that takes the form of a video, graphics, a media release, or even an event, we do it all, and do it with flair.

4. Implement

Media Planning | Account Management

Implement. We know that getting your ideas out there is not just about reach–it's also about spurring engagement. Like a great joke, we'll make sure the delivery of your content is spot-on for your audience.

5. Measure

Analytics | Insights

Measure. Statistics and analytics indicate not only the success of our work, but also the success of your investment. We always gather this information in order to evaluate where improvements can be made and remain accountable to you.

6. Evolve

Consulting | Deliverables

Evolve. Our final step is completing the process so it can start all over again. We present you with final deliverables and recommendations that you can use as a launching point for continuing the success of your brand, whatever the next steps are.