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Avionos is one of Inigo’s first and longest-standing clients. Overall, the focus of these deliverables was to increase brand awareness for the company and its Little CEOs program. To accomplish this goal, the Inigo Team proposed 3 deliverables: 

  • LinkedIn training guide, training videos, and content calendar for the sales team. These materials trained the sales team on various aspects of the platform. 

  • Avionos Girls Leadership Network Newsletter focused on the Little CEOs Camp and potential partnerships. A combination of the newsletter and partnerships are intended to increase awareness and enrollment in the camp for the coming years. 

  • “Featured Client” LinkedIn post series to bring further brand awareness to Avionos’s largest social audience on LinkedIn. 


Inigo created a training guide for the Avionos sales team on how to better post on LinkedIn. Avionos wanted to increase the number of posts they make on LinkedIn to create more brand awareness. The guide, along with training videos, is intended to give tips and tricks for making quality posts. To supplement this, Inigo also created a content calendar with post topics and content ideas. 

Then, the Inigo team created a newsletter for the AGLN Little CEOs Camp. The camp is intended to teach young women around grade school age important business lessons with a communications focus. This newsletter highlighted important women and was made to increase awareness of the program.  With the newsletter came a “creative brief” for the audience's own little CEOs, which included coloring pages and challenges that pushed them to think creatively. Inigo also researched and highlighted potential partnerships for the camp to give an opportunity for even more awareness. 


Finally, the Inigo team created a LinkedIn client feature post on Brunswick. Along with this, they also provided a template for future posts and research on LinkedIn client spotlights. This was the “wildcard” deliverable for this semester, chosen by Inigo. The carousel-style LinkedIn graphic highlighted the technologies and expertise provided to Brunswick by Avionos, as well as the outcome through presenting KPIs. This post, and future posts, will show off some of the amazing work done by the company to its largest social media following. 

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