Avionos is a B2B company specializing in digital marketing and eCommerce. This includes simplifying online stores, making websites as efficient as possible and creating digital roadmaps for its clients’ success. As Inigo’s longest-standing client, Avionos returned for the Spring 2022 semester with three goals: 

  • Create five timeless and reusable gifs for company/employee achievements and corporate holidays  

  • Create a media kit for International Women’s Day (March 8, 2022) promoting Little CEOs and AWLN  

  • Create the content for the 2022 Little CEOs girl's camp  

  • Improve fundraising for Girls Who Code via Little CEOs registration  

To achieve these goals, Inigo first created a media kit aimed towards tier one and tier two publications, as well as including other promotional materials, such as hashtags, to get the word out through social media. Inigo then created five GIFs to be used across social media platforms celebrating holidays and employee initiatives. The GIFs utilized a celebratory and inviting tone, ensuring employee appreciation was the center of their focus. Following the attention generated by the media kit, Inigo created the content for a five-day summer camp aimed at girls, ages six to twelve, where the participants could immerse themselves in the world of advertising. With this presentation, a mock script was created to show how the presenters could provide guidance for the girls, often asking leading questions or inviting them to think deeper about the advertising to which they are exposed. These deliverables aimed to support Avionos’ employee morale and public relations and celebrate the women within its network.