Finding Solutions with Avionos

Avionos is an eCommerce and digital marketing company that services business to business (B2B), consumer packaged goods (CPG), retail and financial service industries (FSI). Using innovative marketing solutions, Avionos transforms customer experiences, creates new revenue and boosts customer engagement for their clients. Solving integrated marketing challenges in a “matter of weeks, rather than months,” Avionos incorporates the most up-to-date technology along with a strict deadline process.  
As Inigo’s longest-standing client, Avionos returned in 2020 with four major goals: growing their brand awareness, creating more consumable content for website visitors, improving their SEO and developing COVID-19 messaging. Throughout our fall and spring contracts, Inigo worked to improve Avionos’s social media presence, highlighting the importance of creating straightforward messaging for their audience in light of COVID-19. In addition to streamlined messaging, Inigo helped develop exciting content for Avionos, including social media graphics and LinkedIn surveys.


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