Finding Solutions with Avionos

Avionos is an eCommerce and Digital Marketing solutions company that services business to business (B2B), consumer packaged goods (CPG), retail and financial service industries (FSI). Their focus is to supply their clients with content that rapidly creates new revenue, transforms customer experiences and drives engagement. Avionos follows a strict deadline process, delivering results in a “matter of weeks, not months.”

Avionos came to Inigo searching for a way to accomplish their 2019 marketing strategy goals. After meeting with Challin Meink, Avionos’ Marketing Director, our team agreed upon three main objectives: developing a social media strategy for four social platforms, researching companies to supply a competitive audit and creating an informational flyer for their upcoming summit. Focusing on these areas, we were able to successfully create a campaign that ultimately increased Avionos’ social outreach and provided useful print copy materials for external use.


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