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"Something that I really want to point out is how responsive and communicative the team was in the middle of the upending of all our plans due to the pandemic. Inigo being adaptive to our needs and delivering high-quality work after the fact was phenomenal."

Caitlin Danforth

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"I was thrilled with the experience that I've had with Inigo from start to finish. Everything has been incredible and professional. Inigo kept blowing my mind with all of the deliverables I kept receiving on a weekly basis. It's saved me an incredible amount of time, and they are all things I am so pleased with and couldn't have imagined."

Kim Rensburg


"I'm impressed with how quickly the Inigo team understood our brand and was able to develop ideas that supported it. They excelled at understanding our brand voice and caught on faster than previous contractors we've hired. Their marketing plan around our bridal campaign was very research-driven and mindful."

Leslie Wong


"The biggest surprise to me was that we came to Inigo, a student program, thinking it would be a nice fit for our brand's voice, but what we came to learn was that we can give Inigo any project and it would be equal to any professional agency that we would hire."

Sharon Sullivan


"This team had several great ideas to improve my business. One of them generated several thousand dollars of business and will continue to do more. I appreciate Inigo taking an interest in my business. It made a big impact!”

Barry Butler


"Working with Inigo again has proven to be time well spent. We were able to build upon the momentum and drill down on earlier learnings to create even more impactful communication decisions. As Spotivity is maturing, the insight given by the Inigo team has improved our engagement rate."

Montana Butsch


"This has been a really professional experience and was exactly what a client-to-agency relationship would look like: we started with a kick-off meeting and a proposal, and Inigo really came to the table with recommendations which we at TechNexus have benefitted from."

Challin Meink

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“Our social media has definitely grown since having Inigo on board. The way in which they think about ways to grow our reach, which is my main goal right now, has been super creative and I’ve really enjoyed working with them.”

Jenna Paley


“As a fellow alum, I was really excited to work with Inigo. Throughout the project, I was impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail on deliverables.”

Sarah Thaler


"This semester, the Inigo team helped the Chicagoland Chamber create video testimonials from several of our members, which will be used across our channels to help drive membership and generate visibility. Throughout the project, the Inigo team was extremely organized and articulate. They successfully brought the Chamber’s vision to life and the content that they’ve provided will soon be the highlight of upcoming marketing campaigns. We look forward to working with Inigo in the future as we continue to build out our messaging platforms."

Alex Krebs

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