Inigo began as an idea. Our faculty advisor, Cheryl McPhilimy, sat down with Loyola’s School of Communication to discuss doing what no one in Chicago had done before: starting a completely student-run communications agency. An official School of Communications course was created, and Inigo grew into a reality.  

In Spring 2017, Inigo Communications was officially established by our founding members, and by Fall 2017, we took on our first three clients. Since the foundations were laid in 2017, Inigo’s structure and development have evolved drastically. All of Inigo’s members have carefully molded the agency into an environment that consistently fosters learning, innovation, and progress. The agency has taken on a total of thirteen different clients and produced outstanding work, enhancing our members' professional growth in a unique educational environment as they prepare for their future careers.




FALL 2020

Due to COVID-19, Inigo has had to function completely virtually. It does not affect any of our client relationships or the work we create. Functioning online has given Inigo members an opportunity to learn relevant skills and master working from home.


Inigo signed United Airlines as a client in 2020. Students delivered a winning business presentation to United, earning Inigo an engagement with the airline to work on two internal safety campaigns for the company. Signing with United was a major milestone for the agency and demonstrates the caliber of work Inigo delivers.


FALL 2019

All clients returned and Inigo implemented a whole new agency structure. Inigo transitioned from client-centered teams to skill-based teams. The new structure mimics leading agencies by incorporating PR, account, creative and corporate-based teams. This structure allows students to hone in on their specific skills and opens clients to a variety of student perspectives.


Inigo won the Future Founders Student Start-Up of the Year award as well as the LUC Award for Outstanding Student Achievement in PR.  Landed client mentions in both Forbes and The New York Times in Fall 2018.

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FALL 2017

Established a partnership with Golin, a leading public relations agency headquartered in Chicago. The partnership provides mentors for each of Inigo’s different teams and has fostered strong relationships between these experienced mentors in the communications field and our students. Mentors provide Inigo with professional insight, advice and recommendations that serve to strengthen students’ skill sets, development and Inigo’s client work. This partnership has been essential to Inigo as an organization.


The foundations were laid. The founders began the journey of creating the agency’s identity, mission, internal structure and new business initiatives. Our very first student agency class crafted everything from our logo to our brand voice. They wanted to create an invaluable opportunity that would last for generations of future students to come. Thanks to these bold individuals, Inigo Communications is a place where students are empowered to become the young professionals they aspire to be.


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