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United Airlines is a global airline that connects people all over the world. Since the Fall of 2020, Inigo has had the opportunity to work with United Airlines to produce work for the Department of Safety and Compliance. This semester, Inigo presented United with three project ideas to increase under-the-wing employee engagement and compliance with safety practices:  


  • Updated safety posters to display in breakrooms  

  • Social media content for Twitter and Instagram 

  • Longform video on jet bridge safety to be shown during monthly safety training 


For the first deliverable, Inigo created ten posters that aligned with United’s “No small roles in safety” campaign. The posters highlighted best practices for seatbelt usage, belt and cargo loader safety, cold protection, and hearing protection. They will be displayed in staff breakrooms to emphasize and reinforce a safe work environment for employees working in and around the aircraft.  


Next, Inigo created five Twitter and Instagram posts for United’s Airport Operations Safety page. The goal of this content was to increase employee engagement on AO Safety socials while providing proper demonstration of correct safety protocols. Using graphic animations and detailed research, Inigo accurately created visually engaging posts to boost positivity and safety in the workplace while showing appreciation to hardworking employees.  


Finally, Inigo created a digitally illustrated video intended to engage audiences during monthly safety workshops. The first part of the video features important safety reminders on hearing protection, proper footwear, and employee badge use for jet bridge drivers. The second part of the video explains proper door handling operations on mainline aircrafts. This video promotes United’s safety requirements and reminds employees that a safe environment is a happy one!  

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