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Guatemala Mission Coffee is a Christian nonprofit organization that is based out of Louisiana. Founded in 2006, this group works to provide clean drinking water, solar powered electricity and educational opportunities to Guatemalans in need. By purchasing from Guatemala Mission Coffee, you are directly contributing to their mission, as 100% of profits go to the Educational Scholarship Programs. 

This is Guatemala Mission Coffee’s first semester with Inigo, and they came in with the following goals: 

  • Streamline its brand to strengthen its presence as a non-profit coffee company  

  • Formulate a strategy to refine its target market 

  • Clearly articulate its brand through social media 

One of the ways Guatemala Mission Coffee communicates with its audience is through its website. To achieve its goal of strengthening its online presence, Inigo helped to consolidate its separate mission website into the ‘mission’ tab on their site. This clarified the relationship between the mission and the coffee company, and overall, strengthened its position as both a nonprofit organization and a coffee brand.  

Inigo also created a brand style guide to streamline Guatemala Mission Coffee’s brand image. The goal was to use the existing coffee packaging as a guide for making the brand more cohesive. This style guide established the appearance and tone for the brand to help clarify its identity as a non-profit coffee company. 

Finally, Inigo crafted a social media guide based on its findings from a social media audit. This guide included templates and formatting for the Guatemala Mission Coffee Instagram so that it could maintain the new consistent branding. Inigo also created five Instagram Reels in order to gain attention on social media. Instagram Reels are utilized to help Guatemala Mission Coffee reach new target audiences. All in all, this deliverable gave Guatemala Mission Coffee’s team the tools needed to continue to create effective, long-lasting content that aligns with their brand’s goals and style guide.  

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