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Mac Dynamite is a growing mac and cheese company based in Chicago. Dedicated to hand-crafted comfort food with organic ingredients, Mac Dynamite creates mac and cheese with a spicy twist of flavor.

Kicking off the semester, Mac Dynamite came to Inigo with three goals:  

  • Driving brand awareness throughout Chicago. 

  • Encouraging trial purchasing. 

  • Increasing the number of retail stores that carry their products.  

To increase brand visibility, Inigo created Instagram, Twitter and Facebook content calendars for April and May of 2021. Inigo also created a website audit for Mac Dynamite to determine the best ways to increase their website readability and SEO.  Inigo created an introductory pamphlet, with products and reviews all wrapped up in bright, cheesy graphics, this pamphlet features the Mac Dynamite essentials.  Additionally, for the promotion of Mac Dynamite’s take-and-bake meals, Inigo created a new label for the 24 oz packages. Highlighting their gluten-free, spicy and vegetarian flavors, the new packaging provides ingredients and instructions for take-and-bake customers.     

Image by Heather Gill
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