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Building Community Engagement

Project Decibel is a proactive hearing wellness service that serves individuals at high risk of hearing loss in unregulated professions. Project Decibel came to Inigo seeking to expand its target audience and increase awareness of hearing wellness and the risk of hearing loss among high-risk, unregulated professions.

Over the month of October, we posted to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on behalf of Project Decibel. That same month, we offered Jenna Paley, CEO and Founder, guidance on a welcome email and aided in its design and creation. Next, we developed a media list, press release and pitch for each of Project Decibel’s target segments. To help establish Project Decibel as a resource and outlet for hearing-related news and increase engagement with Project Decibel, we proposed that Jenna create a community tab on Project Decibel’s website to house community engagement content.

Additionally, we created a Project Decibel hashtag (#PdxMe) to encourage users to interact with Project Decibel on social media by sharing photos of themselves with Project Decibel ear gear or Project Decibel events. Finally, we created a brand style guide for Project Decibel where we proposed new brand colors and solidified Project Decibel’s photography aesthetic and logo usage in order to help Project Decibel achieve more cohesive branding.

Image by Mohammad Metri
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