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The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce is Chicagoland’s most influential business organization, with more than 1,000 members representing every major industry. The Chamber provides members with tools, resources and connections to grow their businesses. Combining the power of people with business advocacy, the Chamber works to foster a dynamic economy, deliver value to members and make Chicagoland a world-class place to live and work. 

As a first-time client of Inigo, the Chamber approached the team with three main goals:  

  • Generate new membership leads 

  • Create a clear sales funnel strategy  

  • Highlight brand awareness 

To help the Chamber communicate its purpose, opportunities and values to both current members and potential new members, Inigo crafted a wide range of deliverables. Inigo started off by creating both a website audit and social media audit to review the current digital platforms of the Chamber and assess what was working and what could be improved. With the valuable data from these new internal resources, Inigo was able to create a simple, yet effective tagline that created a more cohesive brand image for the Chamber. The team then built on this brand image by crafting email marketing templates. While some of the templates included information introducing the Chamber and its members to potential new members, the other templates served as a newsletter to target the current members by industry and business size. Graphics and copy were also created by Inigo to aid the Chamber in increasing brand awareness through informative and captivating social media posts. The final deliverable, a brand awareness guide, tied together all of the work Inigo did throughout the semester into one cohesive document. This guide  was complete with a funnel map showcasing how each deliverable fit into the overall strategy, helping the Chamber reach its goals. By the conclusion of the semester, Inigo had equipped the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce with the tools necessary to increase new membership and retain current members through brand awareness initiatives. 

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