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Broadening The Nest's Reach

North Shore Nest is a Chicago-based interior design firm with clients in the Greater Chicago and Wisconsin area.  North Shore Nest focuses on residential spaces such as apartments, condos and houses, offering a wide array of design services to their clients.   

North Shore Nest approached Inigo with four goals in mind: increase their engagement with followers and posts, increase traffic to their Pinterest and Instagram accounts, form lasting relationships with new clients and returning clients and create content that captures their brand. 

Throughout the months of October and November, the Inigo team created 25 posts for North Shore Nest and crafted a content calendar in order to direct users to the company’s website.  These posts included branding hashtags based on design style and location in order to drive up interaction and to attract more potential clients to North Shore Nest.  

Inigo also made an influencer and brand collaboration report to help build new relationships in the industry.  Finally, Inigo composed a strategy content report to guide North Shore Nest’s social media strategy to be as effective and visible as possible.  These guides included explanations of the different platforms’ algorithms as well as targeted copy and hashtags to increase visibility going forward.  

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