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Exceptional Achievement

Kimberly Rensburg is a wedding, lifestyle and branding photographer based in Chicago. Kimberly describes herself as "your photography cheerleader" and her passion for photography is reflected in her ability to make people feel good and have fun. Her photos record people's most intimate moments in an authentic way, capturing the joy, beauty and individuality of everyone she works with. 

Kimberly's primary goals while working with Inigo were to attract new clientele and boost interaction, create a brand identity and increase brand awareness as a Chicago photographer. Inigo was help KRP achieve these objectives through a variety of creative deliverables:

  • To help Kimberly gain a bigger following, Inigo created a Social Media Best Practices Guide which contains guidelines to empower KRP to post on their own. 

  • To boost client interaction, Inigo created welcome packets for new clients preparing for a photoshoot and designed a Newsletter Template called "Catch Up with Kim" featuring educational topics and a subscription plug-in on the website. 

  • Through deliverables such as a Revamped Website and a Branding Guide, complete with a logo and a color scheme, Inigo was able to create a revamped and cohesive brand identity for KRP. The logo Inigo created is modern yet traditional and the romantic color palette includes earthy and muted shades, all of which complement Kimberly's photography style.

  • Finally, Inigo helped increase the brand awareness of KRP, by writing a Preferred Vendor Pitch Letter and targeting smaller wedding venues. 

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