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Wichita Direct Primary Care (WDPC) is a subscription-based healthcare service in Wichita, Kan. Operating outside of the traditional insurance model, Wichita Direct Primary Care tailors healthcare to the individual, offering on-demand visits without expensive co-pays or charges. Wichita Direct Primary Care came to Inigo seeking assistance in achieving three goals:  

  • Developing a brand identity. 

  • Growing their clientele. 

  • Increasing engagement on social media. 

To help WDPC achieve their goals, Inigo crafted a branding package for WDPC, establishing a consistent logo, color scheme and font for their visual presence. Inigo used these branding standards to provide WDPC with a customizable newsletter template for sharing important updates and public health information with their current and potential patients.  

Inigo also developed a content calendar for April and May of 2021, enabling WDPC to post high-quality content that engages their followers. These posts also included relevant hashtags to increase impressions and engagement, helping more potential clients learn about WDPC’s services. Finally, Inigo provided WDPC with a social media guide to help WDPC understand best practices for social media and how to post engaging content after the client contract ends. 

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