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Going Social with Rambler Athletics

Rambler Sports Locker is a student-run organization at Loyola University Chicago that focuses on broadcasting weekly episodes on Loyola and national sports. When Rambler Sports Locker and Inigo Communications began this project, the goal was to increase awareness of who Rambler Sports Locker is among the Loyola University Chicago population while also increasing Youtube channel subscriptions and increasing the number of potential new members.

To carry out this goal, our team created a mission statement and key objective for Rambler Sports Locker. We also worked on social media content and a social media content calendar to align posts with weekly episodes. Finally, we created flyers that were put up around campus as well as a PSA that was aired on Loyola University Chicago’s radio station: WLUW. At the conclusion of our project, Rambler Sports Locker’s Facebook engagement increased by 33% and a total of 1,261 Twitter impressions.

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