The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce fosters connections between businesses of all sizes and categories with networking events, training and mentoring. Small businesses have opportunities to connect with other leaders in their field and grow their company, while larger businesses have opportunities to improve their brand and outreach in the community. 

Inigo has a history with the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, and they came to Inigo with three projects: 

  • Create a written and video testimonial targeting the financial sector 

  • Create a written and video testimonial targeting the healthcare sector 

  • Create a written and video testimonial targeting the general population 

Each of these testimonials will be featured on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages to garner attention for business professionals in each of these fields. Potential clients can hear feedback from current satisfied clients on ways the Chamber has helped their business excel. Each video is formatted in the same manner with the best quotes included to create a standard and professional look that can be used for a long time. 

The financial sector features Kathy Quinn, an Executive Marketer at Adesso Capital, who gave exceptional reviews for the Chamber’s attentiveness and their networking events. The written and video testimonials highlight her bright spirit and vivacious love for all the work the Chamber has done for her. 

Teresa Garate covered the healthcare sector and made a point to note the work the Chamber does for the community and their outreach. The main goal of the testimonials is to increase the number of clients and provide more opportunities to reach different audiences.  

Finally, Natika Washington led the general campaign testimonial to feature aspects that could appeal to anyone watching. The Chamber has a wide variety of clients and Washington pointed out the importance of the opportunities she had because of her membership. The Chamber’s mission to help their clients reach all their goals is exemplified through the testimonials.