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The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce is Chicagoland’s most influential business networking organization, with more than 1,000 members representing every major industry. Combining the power of people with business advocacy, the Chamber works to foster a dynamic economy, deliver value to members and make Chicagoland a world-class place to live and work. 

Inigo was happy to welcome back the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce as a client for the third semester in a row. For the Fall 2022 semester, the Chamber’s marketing team reached out to us with three main goals in mind: 


  1. Elevate the influence of the Chamber’s CEO, Jack Lavin, in the Chicago community. 

  2. Analyze the social accounts of executives from competing organizations and use the data to produce effective social kits for the Chamber’s Executive Team. 

  3. Create a personalized Social Media Strategy for each of the Chamber’s Executives. 


In order to effectively execute these three goals, our team researched, analyzed and developed a social media plan for each respective member of the Chamber’s executive team. The first deliverable, an Executive Social Analysis, acted as a preliminary step towards elevating the social media accounts of the Executive Team. Our PR team deeply analyzed the Executive Team’s social accounts and compared each respective executive’s account to an executive in a similar role at a competing organization. After researching and analyzing the social accounts, our creative team organized the data in an easily digestible format for the Chamber’s Marketing team to clearly understand and disseminate.  

For the second deliverable – using research from the Executive Social Analysis – our team produced a Social Kit for three members of the Chamber’s Executive Team. Backed by heavy research, each Social Kit included LinkedIn recommendations with sample posts, captions and hashtag ideas. Additionally, the creative team developed graphics to complement each post and pull everything together. Using the Chamber’s sleek branding, the Social Kits were presented to the client in a neat, cohesive PDF format.  

Finally, as the third step toward elevating the executives’ social media accounts, our team created a 6-month personalized LinkedIn Campaign Plan for each of the three Chamber executives. The Campaign Plan will allow the executives to increase engagement by slowly easing into a consistent posting schedule. Each Campaign Plan includes a calendar in the form of an excel spreadsheet, a best practices document tailored to each executive and specific examples of effective content for the three executives. Additionally, our PR team went above and beyond by creating a master, color-coordinated calendar with each of the three Campaign Plans. The master calendar is a great reusable tool for the Chamber to re-populate every 6 months with new content.  

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