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Why I Love Working in Account

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

By Collin Funcannon, Account Director, Fall 2019

The Account side of the advertising and public relations industry sometimes gets a bad rep. We’ve all heard of nightmare clients, quickly-approaching deadlines, and past due invoices that cause stress for the agency. I, however, love working on the Account side of the business. To me, it’s one of the most rewarding experiences any advertising or public relations practitioner can have in an agency, and we know it plays a key role in all functions of client service. 

Jack of All Trades

Perhaps my favorite part of working on the Account side is that it really gives you a chance to dive into all aspects of agency operations. One day you may be creating a graphic for your client that the Creative team doesn’t have time for. The next day you could be drafting a pitch letter or writing a brief for an upcoming campaign. On an Account team, practitioners have the opportunity to get a taste for every aspect of an agency and see things from the top downplaying a key role in all essential functions. As someone who craves control on a project, this is a huge draw for me. 

Strategic Mind? You’ve Found Your Place

The Account side of the business is heavily involved in the strategy behind the work. As an Account team member, you’re often the expert on a client- knowing their product, brand and overall look/feel like the back of your hand. When it comes to creating deliverables, the Account person plays a key role in ensuring that the work reflects the client. This often comes in the form of a brief in which a practitioner plans out a campaign based on the concepts, values, brand guidelines, and more that are important to the client. While crafting the perfect brief can sometimes be the challenge, strategic minds will relish the puzzle that comes along with it.

Client Service Starts with a Conversation

Another draw to the Account side of an agency is the ability to interact with clients. I know what you’re thinking – clients can be scary and demanding, and chances are you’ve heard a story about a client that made someone cry. While this does seem intimidating, one of my favorite aspects of the Account team is the ability to interact directly with the clients. Positions on the Account side give you a unique perspective on the client’s work and life. While nightmare clients do exist, most of them are just people trying to further their business. Being in charge of a client relationship can be a liberating and fun experience, as you’re able to serve as the liaison between the agency and the client. I know it may seem stressful but trust me- it’s worth it.

Are you looking for your place in the industry but just aren’t quite sure where you belong? Give the Account side a try. It may seem intimidating at first but it’s worth it. 

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