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Approaching Corporate Life with Creative Confidence

By: Caroline Shasek, Account Coordinator

The art of creating and developing an idea is critical to producing creative results in the workplace. It is well known that creativity in the workplace is important to employees and clients yet finding ways to integrate and maintain creative skills can be difficult. Creativity is often seen as an individual process, but in the workplace, the skill can be applied to workflow to create more diversity of thought and range of productivity among teams. When one considers how to foster creativity in their environment, they should work to:

Diversify Perspectives

Diversifying the types of people, perspectives, and backgrounds on your team will allow for a broader range of ideas. Without bringing contrasting perspectives into the workspace, the flow of creativity and innovation is stagnant and prevents internal and external growth. Having a broad range of perspectives will allow creativity to foster within the workplace.

Extended Brainstorming

Brainstorming, whether directly creating a product or rethinking a business process, is the heart-line of any team. To allow for a product idea and the evolution of a product, commitment to playing out all ideas and perspectives is desired. Even if an idea may seem to be a bust or does not solve your problem, be sure to give it adequate attention to ensure that it is or is not for you.

Focus on Intuitive Productivity

Although productivity is an important performance indicator of success in a corporate setting, it is important to stay in touch with the team’s mental health, susceptibility to burnout, and mental focus for a product’s creation. Giving human context to the development of a product allows it to grow with the team rather than suffering from the group’s personal limitations.

The establishment of pro-creative initiatives in a team should not be for a competitive edge, but for the growth of the organization. As seen here, there are many ways to maintain a balanced creative profile in a corporate setting. As said with another Inigo member’s perspective on creativity, the balance of creative outlets in your life is critical for your corporate efforts to thrive.

How will you consider the creative element’s potential for change in your life or workplace?

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