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How to Stay Cool During School: How I Manage Stress and Anxiety During the School Year

By Frances Aufderheide, Account Coordinator, Fall 2021

After being fully back in school in person after a year and a half, I can confidently say I am exhausted. Trying to balance school, work, Inigo and my social life has proved more difficult than I imagined. During the first few weeks of school, I felt overwhelmed and desperate for relief.

After a month of classes and college life, I have reflected on a few ways you can actively improve your mental and emotional wellbeing and thrive this semester!

Movement is medicine

I take an hour out of every day (at least I try my hardest) to exercise in some way. This comes in different forms, whether I go to the gym and lift, practice yoga or take a walk by the lake. I notice a large difference in my anxiety and productivity when I do not prioritize movement. . Movement truly is medicine and once you find which form speaks to you, make it a priority in your routine.

Read for yourself

Many of my classes in the School of Communication require a lot of reading, which can become repetitive and boring. I have found that reading for pleasure helps me relax after a long day and feel more productive than I would be if I were to be staring at my phone or watching TV. This activity allows me to escape into a fictional world. Some examples of books I’ve read recently and would recommend are “The Song of Achilles” and “Verity”.

You time

I often feel like I have no time for myself. My brain never quiets down between classes, work and friends. This is why I have deemed it a necessity to spend quality time with myself. This might look like going on a walk, heading to the gym, or creating art. You don’t have to treat yourself to an expensive dinner or go to a spa, but taking quality time to yourself is essential. Spend time getting to know yourself!

By implementing these three simple things into my routine, my quality of life has improved. I hope these recommendations inspire you to put the time and energy into yourself and hopefully make the semester seem more manageable.

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