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How to Make the Most out of Your College Experience

By Mariana Vasquez, Creative Coordinator, Spring 2021

Everyone’s college experience is different and can mean so many things, it has even gotten harder to make the most out of college since the COVID-19 pandemic started as a lot of people are not on campus and are not as involved. However, I want to encourage students to get excited about their college experience by providing some tips.


I want to emphasize how vital networking is during your college experience—network with your teachers, mentors, guest speakers and even with your classmates. Try to make as many connections as possible because it will help with your future. Getting to know your professors, especially those in your major, by going to office hours and participating in class will help when you need letters of recommendation for jobs and/or connections to employers. Often, your professors will have guest speakers in their lectures. After their appearances, reach out to them and introduce yourself. This can be helpful not only to make more connections, but you can ask them to look at your resume. Having someone in the workforce look at your resume is extraordinarily beneficial. Connecting with students is also essential because they can recommend jobs to you that you might not have thought of. Networking is important; you can never have too many connections.

School Resources

When in college, take advantage of all the resources they provide. Get advisors to look at your resume and/or your portfolio for feedback. You can never have too many people look at your resume to make it better. Take as many classes as you can, but also do not overload your schedule. You do not want to overwork yourself. If your schedule allows it, take courses that interest you and that you wish to learn about even if they might not be in your major.

Get Involved

Be as involved as you can. Join as many organizations as you can; doing this will help with networking. Getting involved in organizations will allow you to potentially gain leadership roles that will give you some experience. It will also allow you to grow connections with other students in your school. Getting involved can also include going to any career fairs that your school offers. In these fairs, you will get to know potential employers while also increase networking. Do not be shy and get involved, you won’t regret it!

COVID-19 has made it hard for college students to get excited about college, but students should continue to be excited and take advantage of the opportunities that college gives us, even in a pandemic. Networking, school resources, and getting involved in college are just a few ways that will help you make the most out of college. I hope these tips help you feel excited about your college experience!

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