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How to Enhance Your Confidence in the Workplace

By: Cecilia Miskowski, Corporate Communication: Finance & New Business Coordinator

Having confidence in the workplace is easier said than done. After spending so much time online during the COVID-19 pandemic, readjusting to a hybrid or in-person work atmosphere can be nerve-racking and socially exhausting. It’s challenging to carry yourself in a confident manner after living in an isolated bubble for so long. To enhance your confidence in the workplace, here are some tips to help you focus on excelling at your job.

1. Stop listening to your negative self-talk.

Internal negative thoughts are debilitating to your success. Doubting or undermining your abilities can unconsciously projected into how you present yourself to others. However, it can be challenging to cut out the negative self-talk if it has become ingrained in your thought cycle. An easy trick to break your negative thought cycle is to talk to yourself as if you were another person. Oftentimes, we would never speak to others in the way we speak to ourselves. Be kind to yourself and focus on highlighting your strengths.

2. Utilize your strengths

Every individual has strengths and weaknesses. Identifying the areas in which you excel will help enhance your confidence in the workplace. Strengths can span all types of skills. For example, if you pride yourself in your creative writing abilities, volunteer to take on work that will showcase such talents. Harnessing soft skills that you’re proficient in can aid in making you feel more comfortable in a work environment.

3. Ask questions.

Don’t be hesitant to use your voice! If there are questions that a Google search or some research can’t answer, ask a work colleague. Asking questions opens the floor to a rich dialogue and can help you to gain familiarity with your company and your colleagues. When asking questions, be clear about what you’re asking so there’s less room for confusion. Asking questions and using your voice is the best way to grow your skills and knowledge of the industry.

4. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

As cliché as it sounds, making mistakes is a way in which we grow. Don’t settle into your comfort zone. Expand your career opportunities, professional growth, and leadership roles by stepping outside your set ways of thinking. Many workplaces value innovative ideas and fresh perspectives. In a new role or unfamiliar industry, you’re bound to make mistakes. When a mistake is made, acknowledge what has happened and focus on what can be learned so that it is not made moving forward. Making mistakes is an easy opportunity to ask questions and learn from what didn’t go as planned.

Carrying yourself with confidence is key in the workplace atmosphere. Self-confidence allows you to be a more positive contributor and it’s a driving factor for productivity and creativity. Putting these tips into practice will help enhance your confidence, so you can focus on excelling at your job.

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