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Finding Work-Life Balance as a College Student

By Carina Anderson, Project Coordinator, Spring 2020

The idea of finding the perfect work-life balance is something that every young professional hopes to achieve. What could be more appealing than having time to do what you love after a day of hard work? Unfortunately, finding this balance can be much more difficult as a college student.

Balancing work commitments and projects is much more difficult when adding college classes to the load. Time is taken up by in-class and out of class work, making it difficult to take even a fifteen-minute nap sometimes. By not being able to get time to themselves, college students can severely jeopardize their mental health.

In order to prevent this from happening, it is important to find ways to guarantee breaks. Everyone has different things that work for them, but here are a few that are a good start to finding what works for you.

  1. Block out time: This is a great tool for visual people. By utilizing a planner, it is possible to block out time for projects in advance. It lets you see just how available you actually are when it comes to making commitments. You can also see if you are going to be overwhelmed and set time aside for personal activities.

  2. Start a routine: Having a routine can help in several different ways. By having specific tasks meant to be done every day, you can always feel a sense of accomplishment. It helps establish time managements because you’ve trained your brain to recognize the importance of these tasks. Routines can also offer better sleep schedules if you choose to use it in that way.

  3. Take a break: Sometimes the best thing to do is take a break from your work, even if you feel like you don’t have time for it. This is extremely close to being completely overwhelmed and not being able to complete anything. Try going for a walk or do a little exercise. Mental health is important – try to find what works best for you!

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