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A Head Start: 4 Benefits of Working for a Student-Run Agency

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

By: Jacqueline Southwell, PR/Media Coordinator

Student-run agencies, such as Inigo, are incredible opportunities where students can start work in their field of study without sacrificing any formal education. While there are many reasons to work for these agencies, here are our top four benefits:

1. Gaining Experience

Unlike many jobs in the communications field, Inigo Communications, a student-run agency, does not require any prior experience to become an active member of the team. However, this does not mean the work is any less important. By working with real clients, Inigo creates a space for students to gain valuable experience and communications skills in a fast paced environment, as we only run over the course of a single semester.

2. Guidance

While this job may initially seem daunting, Inigo’s setup allows there to be a learning curve. From collaborating with other students to receiving direct feedback from leadership, there are plenty of opportunities to develop the skills needed to thrive in communications. Inigo also provides mentors from one of Chicago’s top PR firms, Golin, who teach students how to apply their skills and experience as they graduate into the world of communications. 3. Driven coworkers

Everyone who works at Inigo applied there with a purpose; these are students who strive for the best results and are willing to go the extra mile to do so. Student-run agencies give students the opportunity to develop their own skills, and put them in an environment with others who are eager to do the same.

4. Networking

Although a number of students from Inigo have gone on to work in communications, many Inigo alumni choose to utilize the skills they have learned and apply them to different fields outside of communications. This vast network opens dozens of different job opportunities for those who work at a student agency.

College is a time of opportunity, where students are asked to explore their interests and try new things. Inigo, and student-run agencies like it, open up a plethora of possibilities and opportunities for the students who are passionate enough to work there.

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