United Airlines is a leading aviation company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. With domestic and international flight routes, they serve millions of passengers on every continent. In the spring of 2020, Inigo signed our first contract with United’s Department of Airport Safety and Compliance, which seeks to ensure the safety of all passengers and employees by communicating safety standards, identifying and mitigating potential hazards, and overseeing employee compliance on the ground and in the air.  

Focused on reaching United’s “below the wing” team members such as ground and service staff, United’s goals for Inigo centered around developing an internal campaign highlighting important safety procedures to ensure the wellness of employees and protect aircraft from damage. Through deliverables such as developed a safety-driven Twitter campaign, a location-specific display at United’s San Francisco hub, and a year-end video celebrating employees, Inigo empowered United team members to take ownership of their safety, community and company. 

With the extension of our contract into 2021, Inigo is excited to continue making meaningful connections with United employees.  


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