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United Airlines is headquartered in Chicago and is a major American airline flying to many domestic and international destinations. Inigo works with the Department of Safety and Compliance (DASC). The DASC focuses on keeping under-the-wing employees safe, and the aircrafts free from damage. Some of the ways through which the DASC communicates with United employees about safety is its public-facing Twitter Account, newsletters and break room TVs.  

Inigo has worked with United since fall 2020, and this semester fall 2021 United returned to Inigo with the following goals:  

  • Decrease employee and aircraft injuries. 

  • Support efforts to ensure that on-site employees feel appreciated and noticed. 

  • Increase engagement and followers on the DASC Twitter account. 

To help United achieve its goals, Inigo created a social media content calendar for Twitter, graphics to be used in the monthly newsletter and emails as well as GIFs to be showcased on break room TVs. The tone of the messaging is heartfelt and caring, while also communicating the importance of staying safe at work, especially during the pandemic and the upcoming seasonal weather changes. The graphics are eye-catching and call on employees to help one another and take ownership of their safety. The messaging that goes with the graphics also expresses how grateful United is for all of the hard work its employees do.  

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