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Tips to Stay Productive

By: Ana Leal, Corporate Communications Recruitment Coordinator

Productivity is a trait that we all strive to achieve in our daily lives. It is easy to wake up and say you want to get everything done, but sometimes procrastination takes over. Here are 3 tips that I have personally used to stay productive both inside and outside of the classroom.

Step #1: Organize yourself and let there be balance

My life was radically altered when I learned how to organize my day-to-day. When I wake up, the first thing I do is take out my calendar and write down everything I want to get done that day. This may include the times I plan to complete each assignment or meetings I need to attend that day. Planning will not only keep my mind clear about what I need to do, but it will also prevent me from wasting time by allowing procrastination to take control of your thoughts.

Step #2: Set reasonable expectations

Expecting too much of myself has always been a difficult struggle. I want to do my best and not disappoint my ardent supporters, but there are limits to everything. When my inner voice sabotages what I'm doing, I remind myself that I am human and I’m in the pursuit of progress not perfection.

Step #3: The Truth: Productivity without balance is not productivity

A productive day can be more productive if I allow time for myself outside of work. Prioritizing my well-being by meditating for half an hour, exercising or cooking a delicious meal makes me far more productive than when I sit at my computer all day. This in turn pushes me to finish an assignment or any other task that I had planned to finish.

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