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The Value of a Communications Degree

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

By Hailey Martin, Account Coordinator, Spring 2020

Do you ever find yourself questioning your whole existence? Your life journey? Your college degree? These are questions every college student can relate to at some point. When you’re working so hard it's easy to get lost in the chaos and not take a step back and realize the value of what you’re learning. I encourage you to think about the “big picture” here. 

A degree in communications is far too often viewed as vague, pointless, and `easy”. While it can be funny to joke about how we are “just learning how to talk”, it is hard to hear because I know it is untrue. We are learning applicable skills. I believe that now more than ever, a well rounded education and skillset is the key for success. The job market is changing, so our generation will likely change jobs a few times and have to adapt to new work environments. Because of my background in communications, I know that I will be able to adapt to new jobs, career paths, and have confidence doing so. 

In my classes so far, we have learned how to craft messages, the history of communications, media ethics, technology, how to resonate with the right audience, and the importance of being able to market yourself. These skills are things I can take with me in all my future jobs. I have learned a lot about advertising and public relations obviously, but because of my new knowledge base I have a better understanding about businesses as a whole and how they are structured. Communications is the key that connects the company or organization with the people, and without the support of the people, you have no business. 

While I might have a daily existential crisis, I have slowly learned to be more and more confident in my abilities and my major. I know I am smart, capable, and understand the value of being a good communicator.

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