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Putting the AI in PR

By Leo Malkin, Creative Coordinator

Public relations is a human-centric industry. The field is based upon appealing to human desires to sell or promote a product or business, as well as the personal connections between client and agency. Behind these campaigns are humans tirelessly mulling over data and figures in the hopes of creating the perfect pitch. This data, although crucially important, can be a hassle to sort through and categorize.

This is where artificial intelligence comes in; these powerful algorithms can be programmed to target keywords and phrases in datasets, often in a matter of seconds. This technology can sort relevant results of polls, audits and any other sets of data to provide results quicker than ever before. These programs can also scan data to find the perfect audience through collected analytics. Along with internal numbers, artificial intelligence can scan external data from competing products (such as media coverage and interactions) to properly assess strategies.

In addition to the real-time analytics that artificial intelligence can provide, these algorithms can work to predict data that can be used to forecast future trends in the field. Often with the conversation of artificial intelligence comes the question of automation; will a robot take my job? The answer is a resounding no.

In fact, these algorithms could increase human performance and output. The addition of this AI works to eliminate the busywork of sorting through countless pieces of data to find relevant figures. These analytics can be delivered immediately, completely cutting out a major step in the process. This dramatically speeds up the workflow and allows for more time to be spent on different tasks. With this data, agencies can send out relevant information to specific demographics determined by the algorithms. With this technology, agencies only have one more issue—what are they going to do with all this extra time?

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