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How to Make an Impact in a Virtual Interview Setting

By Claire Durkin, Creative Coordinator, Spring 2021

Making eye-contact, a firm handshake, dressing-the-part, and a nice big smile of confidence are the main points I was taught to remember. However, in the current socially distanced world we live in, how can we make ourselves stand out among other applicants? Here are some ways to help your virtual interview go smoothly.

Check your Internet Connection and Technology

The internet connection is so important for the conversation to run smoothly. Delays and freezing can be difficult and can shift the tone and mood of the discussion. Do a run-through before your interview, making sure your internet connection is stable and you have all the necessary equipment to keep your devices charged.

On-Screen Appearance

While your whole outfit cannot be seen on camera, try to make a statement with what you can. Maybe that can be a fun colored tie, jacket or jewelry. Keep things professional but also make your mark and express yourself. Lighting is also a big part of your onscreen appearance. You do not want to sit in front of a window where you become a silhouette. You want the light shining onto your face so you are the focal point on the screen. Finally, do your best to eliminate distractions.

Conversational Tips Research the company. Know what their style is and what they stand for. Look at the keywords they use in their messaging or mission statements and tie them into your interview vocabulary. At the close of the meeting, the interviewer will ask if you have any questions for them. It is very important to have questions prepared, just as it would be in an in-person setting. Some examples of great questions are:

  • What are the day-to-day responsibilities for someone in this position?

  • What characteristics are sought out in an employee to uphold the company’s values?

  • How do you measure success in this position?

  • Is there anything in my background or resume that causes you to question how I would fit in this role?

Post-Interview Just like in an in-person interview, follow-up is important. Send an email after thanking the interviewer for their time to talk about the position. Discuss how you enjoyed learning about their values and workplace strategies. Be specific to what was talked about and use those keywords again from their mission statements. Reference something specific that you and the interviewer discussed such as a challenge and reiterate how you would be able to tackle the issue based on your experience. Express confidently in how you want the position and feel you will be the best fit. Close with letting them know that if they need more information to contact you.

Virtual interviewing can feel more difficult to exude enthusiasm about a role and leave that unique imprint on the interviewer. These are just a few tips to showcase your knowledge, passion, and excitement for the possible role to stay memorable to the employer.

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