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How to Gain a New Perspective In the Communications Field

By Ande Perihana, PR/Media Coordinator, Spring 2020

Are you stressed thinking of new ways to approach the same problems? Majoring in the world of communications everything is always so uncertain, yet you know there’s always a story to be told, an idea to be shared, and a product to be created. How do people in the Communications industry create ideas? How do they gain new perspectives? It's simple. 


Traveling allows people to gain a new appreciation for life by becoming detached from their problems; this feeling of liberty overcomes you; you are not obligated to do anything except enjoy your time. It is hard to problem solve when you have no understanding of that personal reality. Professors, coworkers, and bosses are always asking you to put yourself in their shoes, to tackle this issue in a new way. How are we supposed to tackle these issues in new ways if we have the same experiences? We need that breakthrough moment; we need new experiences to help shape us and influence our creativity. Majoring in Public Relations/Advertising all you can think about is what is going on in the world? How are these issues affecting us? How is it going to create more issues? Every time I travel, I remember thinking to myself: life here is so beautiful and different; people have such a different approach towards life, what would it be like if I lived here? Traveling allows people to see the world differently with a new lens; leading you to become the lens. Have you ever noticed that once you arrive in a new country, state, or city you create a new version of yourself? You start either immersing yourself in the local lifestyle or imagining what if would be like; these thoughts are the moments when you have experienced something amazing. These are the moments that you have gained a new perspective and appreciation. Surrounding yourself with new traditions, cultures, and local norms enables us to learn and understand others better psychologically and emotionally. Having a better understanding of other values, morals, and culture allows us to target the right audience and have loyal customers/clients; to build this trust it is important to put yourself in their shoes, in their culture, in their reality and sometimes traveling around can be a way to do that. Overall, I know that living in the same cubical, repeating the same routine, eating the same meals will not spark new thoughts.


Change is something that most of us are not comfortable with at first, but none the less is necessary for growth. In the world of communications, there is always something changing maybe it is media usage, new signs, or new ways of communicating. Being in the communications world you have to play keep up, and that means being okay with change. Maybe technology is the way to go for a few years, but now people want to do a more traditional method. What can change? Well for insistence the way you research might have to change to more traditional in-person or maybe it would be all online. Change allows us to keep up with society and helps us as individuals learn more about the effect and impact of different platforms. Change forces us to look at the world differently and address ideas and results in innovative ways that we have never practiced.

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