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A Nostalgic Senior’s Inigo Experience

By Erin Lillis, Creative Coordinator, Spring 2020

That time of year is rapidly coming upon us. My Instagram feed is about to be endless hours of scrolling through the pictures of new graduates in their caps and gowns; however, this time it’s going to be a little different because one of those smiling faces on social media is going to be me (hopefully). 

With all the joy and excitement surrounding this time, I have become incredibly nostalgic as a second semester senior. My time at Loyola University Chicago has been completely transformative. When going off to school everyone told me “college is the best years of your life” and I always smiled and nodded; but now in my final stretch, I fully understand why people say this. Something that has made my final semester particularly incredible is my involvement with Inigo. 

When I saw a message from a girl I had a few classes about regarding Inigo applications, I was unsure about whether to apply. Once accepting my position as a creative coordinator, I anxiously stepped into my first staff meeting and never looked back. Inigo has taught me so much about myself, the communications industry, and has been a live look at a culmination of all the skills that I have gained at Loyola. 

What sets Inigo apart from other courses is how the work is real-world work, not class projects. Everything produced must be top notch for our clients, because they see us as an agency and not just as students. This experience is daunting; however, I don’t think anything could prepare one for the ‘real world’ any better. Inigo allows you to grow and become more confident in your skillset, while working with passionate, like-minded individuals who all have a single common goal. My biggest regret is not finding Inigo sooner, and am so unbelievably excited to see where this agency goes in the future. 

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