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The Law of Attraction: Our Secret Superpower to Success

By Jenny DeRango, Corporate Communications Director, Fall 2019

Do you ever find yourself questioning if you are going to be good enough? Do you wonder if you are on the right track to receiving the aspects of life you wholeheartedly desire? Are you making the right decisions to lead you to success? Through the times of our undergraduate years, our identities and abilities are being put to the test more than ever before. The moment we set foot on our journey to find where we are meant to be these kinds of questions can build up inside our heads, which hold us back from seeing our full potential. Well, it’s time to take a deep breath and realize you already hold the key to success within you. We all hold a secret power that can cast away all our self-doubt and grant us any wish, desire or goal we could ever imagine achieving. This power is called the Law of Attraction. 

The phenomenon that is the Law of Attraction essentially declares that if you think positive, hopeful thoughts regarding your goals and desires, you will be psychologically setting yourself up to take the necessary actions to achieve those goals and desires. On the contrary, if you constantly fill your thoughts with doubts, worry and negativity, you will ultimately be pulling those kinds of outcomes into your life. The Law of Attraction can change any aspect of your life if you allow it to do so. However, it requires a wholehearted, conscious decision stemming from yourself for it to truly start creating the results you want to see. Whether you are dying to land that internship interview or desperately hoping to secure an A in one of your classes, by opening your heart and mind to this law you will begin to visualize what those outcomes might look like in your life. Once you begin visualizing your life as if you have already obtained these goals, your attitude will shift to become more confident, happy and determined. Therefore, you subsequently achieve what you set out to accomplish because you took actions driven by a positive mindset. 

The Law of Attraction should be considered when facing the one thing we can always count on our college journeys to keep throwing at us: challenges. Are we going to toss our hands in the air and tell ourselves we aren’t skilled enough to handle such obstacles? Are we going to remind ourselves that the odds aren’t in our favor when applying for a competitive job? No, that is the Law of Attraction’s definition of self-sabotage. What I have found while studying in the field of communications is that you face a lot of obstacles; however, the presence of many obstacles in your path does not mean you are failing. You will only fail if you perceive obstacles as being a never-ending source of stress and deprivation of hope. Instead, perceive an abundance of obstacles as an abundance of opportunity – opportunities to learn and grow as a professional in the making. It is through the challenges you overcome in which you discover who you are and who you can become. That rationale right there is a demonstration of the Law of Attraction in action. Perceive the roadblocks that appear in school or the workplace as gateways for success and you will start to find yourself becoming a happier person, and in turn, you are building yourself up to achieve your goals. 

Anything you wish to obtain in your life can be yours if you simply let it happen. See the world around you through a lens of optimism, warmth, and hope, and all those questions regarding your worth you fumbled around with before will seem like such a waste of energy and time. The mind is a powerful tool that should not be underestimated. So, the next time you tackle a new challenge or dream about landing that job you always wanted, remember that the secret ingredient to success is simple. It is you. 

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