Spreading Holiday Cheer

Burgundy Fox is an all-inclusive women’s lingerie and loungewear company. Its brand model is unique to its competitors because it is solely subscription-based. Being an early stage startup, Burgundy Fox had ample room for growth in terms of brand recognition. It came to Inigo seeking an increase in brand recognition, social engagement, and subscribers. As part of the campaign, we created five Instagram posts, three Facebook posts, three emails, a PR outreach template, a bridal questionnaire similar to Burgundy Fox’s subscriber questionnaire, a table of box theme suggestions based on the timing of the wedding process, and provided guidance on how to best use Pinterest. Additionally, our team created three videos for Burgundy Fox’s website and two Instagram stories. All of the planning, creation, design, and copywriting, pre-production planning, filming, and editing was done by our team.

Burgundy Fox returned to Inigo for a second semester working with Inigo and CEO and Founder Leslie Wong gave the team more freedom over content production for the holiday campaign in order to boost orders. Inigo Communications worked with key influencers to increase awareness of the Burgundy Fox brand and increase holiday website traffic and orders. Our team created a series of Instagram posts for the months of November and December, including personalized graphics, hashtags and Burgundy Fox images to create a holiday-themed feed and increase interaction with followers. Inigo Communications used Burgundy Fox’s MailChimp account to create and launch emails to subscribers for the months of October, November and December. Inigo Communications also worked to increase brand recognition and strengthen brand identity through management of Burgundy Fox podcast, Seamless.