Miguel Luis Molina

Class of 2019

Semester(s) in Inigo: Fall 2018

Most recent position: Account Management Intern at Foodmix Marketing & Communications

During my time at Inigo Communications, I was assigned to work as an Account Executive on Project Decibel. I did not have any familiarity with ear health, safety ear gear, or the audio industry. However, after many conversations with our client and conducting outside research, I was able to have a better understanding of the client's culture (why is she in the business). This has been truly helpful in my internship experiences after Inigo. After graduation, I was fortunate enough to get an extended internship as an Account Management Intern at Foodmix Marketing & Communications, an advertising agency that specializes in FOOD! Here, I have been able to better understand the business of the foodservice industry, my client's (Smithfield Culinary) culture, and gain insight into unique food trends. I am very excited to see where this opportunity will take me but I know that Inigo has been truly helpful in understanding all sides to a company's culture and reason(s) to exist.