The Student Advantage


By Alexandra Runnion

Inigo is the only student-run communications agency in Chicago. It caters to clients across a host of industries and brings a fresh perspective to business problems. I joined this agency after my roommate, previous firm director Jamie Gentges, suggested it to me. Always looking to add to my hectic schedule, I applied and landed the position of account executive on the Barry Butler Photography account. Although I have only been in this role for a few weeks, I have witnessed how important young communication students are to clients and the industry as a whole.

My fellow Inigo agency members and I have the distinct advantage of growing up in the digital age. We’ve been versed in the nuances of Instagram and have watched Facebook evolve. Additionally, our education has also occurred in light of all the changes in media and technology. Inigo’s clients reap the benefits of our up-to-the-minute education in the field and our years of growing up navigating technology.

These factors manifest in a few different ways in the work produced. For example, we can offer clients insights into best practices for social media. This came up during our initial meeting with our client. He had been doing well on his channels and gathered a large following, but wasn’t aware of the tricks to promoting posts, post frequency and different ways to utilize the app features. Even without doing extensive research, my team and I were able to identify areas for improvement in social media usage. Plus, the fact that we’re still students means that we can approach business problems with a fresh perspective. Not that full time agency workers are unable to do so, but our lack of years in agency life works to our advantage. Our thinking doesn’t go down a well worn path, but we innovate and see things differently. Inigo’s work isn’t constrained by seasoned agency people, it's run by students who are open to different ideas. The DNA of Inigo allows the agency to innovate and push boundaries creatively that a more mature agency would shy away from.

I am excited to see what the rest of this semester holds for me.

Inigo Communications