Trust the Process


By Kate Papciak

As any other college student, naturally, my next step is to graduate with an impressive degree and enter the real world. But, it is troubling to know that some of my peers have already attained the level of success that I can only dream of. While I am spending my Saturday nights watching Netflix, other college students are already building their careers.

It is true that young adults should enjoy the time they have, to live their life without worrying about being completely established before age 25. However, I cannot help but feel behind in the game when I find that others my age have already accomplished so much.

When I was 17 years old, I was proud to earn my driver’s license until I learned that by age 17, Taylor Swift had already released her hit single “Tim McGraw” along with her debut album. While certain young adults are destined to create their own brand or walk on the red carpet, ordinary college students, such as myself, feel rushed to reach such levels of success.

But I cannot allow myself to believe that racing my peers to early success is the only way. This sense of worry should not restrain me from trying; instead I should find inspiration from those who have accomplished so much at such a young age. They hold qualities such as perseverance and enthusiasm, which are essential for obtaining such a successful status. By taking time to observe how others achieve greatness, I can find the inspiration to ignite my path.

Instead of letting Swift’s early fame shame my accomplishments, I will let them push me. Instead of watching Ariana Grande's fame grow as she finds her voice, I will find my own. I will let these components drive myself to discover my own goals, and then push myself to achieve them. Maybe I cannot match the fame of these A-list celebrities, but I can definitely match their level of accomplishments. Taking time to complain about my lack of success, considering my age, will not fix anything. Early success may not be in everyone’s card, and that is okay. We cannot all be as successful as others our age, and it is vital to know that it perfectly fine. Sooner or later we will all gain success in our own time.

The most difficult step in this journey is the first one: finding your passion. Until the end of my first year of college, I felt the panic to have my life planned like others my age have done. My biggest accomplishment at that point in my life was the fact that I had survived my first year of college. Yet, instead of letting those who have obtained great success at young age get the worst of me, I stayed optimistic because I knew my time for success would come. And by the end of my second year, I found my passion: advertising. Since then, I have made huge strides to enhance my professional resume, one of them being joining Inigo. Inigo is Loyola’s very own student run communications agency that works with actual Chicago clients. While I am only a few weeks into this agency, I can already sense that this experience will benefit me by challenging and perfecting my communications and advertising skills. I look forward for what is to come for this semester and for my future.

Inigo Communications