Anxiety in the Workplace - Know Your Comfortability


By Blair Tuider

Have you ever felt anxious for no reason or upon meeting a new coworker felt short of breath? Anxiety is a common, but very real disorder that affects all of us, and anxiety in the workplace is prevalent on many levels. One thing to keep in mind while you're feeling anxious at work is to know you will be okay - just breathe.

Being in the communications field, you have to interact with clients, coworkers, target audiences, bosses, etc. on a near constant basis because this is a collaborative career path. Sometimes for no reason you may feel anxious, but other times your anxiety may be due to an important client meeting or pitch. Keep in mind that you are not alone in this process. Many people in your place of work have the same reactions. Here are tips of helping these feelings:

  • Do Not Be Afraid to Ask For Help - It is easy to feel alone during a project, but your friends and coworkers are there to help. Work can become hectic and overwhelming, it can be hard to say yes when someone offers a hand, but encourage yourself to accept the help in front of you. Plus, help on your work might benefit your project while helping your overall mental health.

  • Breathe - If you are feeling overwhelmed, take five minutes to close your eyes and breathe. A common trick is four seconds inbreath and four seconds out breath until you feel regulated. Yes, it can be annoying to take five minutes to breathe when you are feeling anxious especially with a mountain of work, however, it helps tremendously.

  • Try and Shoot For In Person Conversations - Communicating through technology does not convey emotion the same way in person interactions do. Understanding your coworkers emotions towards your work will help create a better relationship and better your mental health since you will be to comprehend the situation more clearly.

As a young twenty-something female rising in the communications industry, I find myself feeling anxious at times. Working with clients and a client team gave me a new feeling of anxiety because this is the first experience I have had in this field. Although I have anxiety at times, it somewhat motivates me because I know by using these tips I will be more relaxed and be able to communicate and work more effectively. Know that you are not alone when you are feeling anxious in the workplace. Breathe. Communicate face-to-face helps with emotions. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

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