How to Stay Organized

Photo by Michael Coghlan

Photo by Michael Coghlan

By Liz Schwarting

As both students and staff for a communications agency, there is often a million things to juggle and prioritize. Personally, I put a lot of pressure on myself to ensure I’m giving 100% to everything I am involved in- which often leads to the point of being scatterbrained. It feels that most of my friends who are S.T.E.M. majors spend almost all of their time purely on academics, and do not balance the same conflict of academics and career-focused extracurricular. Here are some useful tips for juggling both school and work responsibilities:

  1. Write it down. Write it down. Write it down. The first change that I have made to my own organization skills this semester is having all of my responsibilities written down in multiple locations. I have found it helpful to keep a physical planner, an online calendar, an online checklist, and sticky notes on my desktop. While that may sound scattered, for me, it helps me feel like I have triple checked myself and have multiple to do lists organized in the same place. Plus, you get the satisfaction of literally crossing something off your to-do list.

  2. Take some time Sunday night to prioritize responsibilities for the week. I used to prioritize things day by day and would ultimately end up overwhelmed. But now I make Sunday nights a night where I make a hot tea and spread out all my calendars to plan what the next week of my life looks like. I always end up feeling a bit more prepared for my crazy life.

  3. It’s okay to take a step back. Often times people don’t want to admit that they need a break. They spread themselves too thin and get stuck. Sometimes when we’re in the thick of things, it is easy to stress the details when in reality, it’s not that big of a deal, nor is it worth the stress and anxiety it is causing us. Always be proactive about your schedule, and go easy on yourself. Years from now you won’t remember the things you said no to.

The key to balancing multiple commitments is simple organization. If you can effectively plan, you’ll be set to conquer and adapt to any unexpected events that may come your way.

What’s your key to organization? Planners? To-do lists? Calendars? Let us know below!