Branding You

Photo by Marco Verch

Photo by Marco Verch

By Justes Kemper

What is your brand? Asking this almost feels stereotypical, and answering this feels like a task. That very question is what drives and directs the communications industry. However, it has become almost comical how often we all talk about it. When I am asked what my brand is, I am left in slight bewilderment because I find it inaccurate and misleading to just narrow myself down into a single brand. We all ask it, and all consider it. We want to understand what a brand is because that is typically what we want to hear. Yet, I don’t think it can always be this way.

As I struggle to express my personal brand and stand out, I find it increasingly difficult to be just one thing. I hear it all the time- “be specific, and be focused,” but I disagree. This task of answering what is your brand, is something I think only you can define. However, with the guidance of someone else you may find it easier. Not too long ago, I was given the advice that you can either be the pieces of all the things you are or just flat out be all the things. I do realize that sounds abstract, but to me it made perfect sense; I am able to position myself in a variety of ways. For example, I can label myself to be the Swiss Army knife of communication. That paints a picture for you of who I am. It says one thing, but means so many more.

When answering the question “what is your brand,” take a step back and ask yourself what a brand really is. In my opinion, it is just you. I always never liked being referred to or defined by my brand, but I am starting to realize that it’s not about the brand. It’s about you. So, let me ask you this, who are you?


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