The Twitter Gurus

Photo by Marie Slim

Photo by Marie Slim

By: Diana Durr

Ahhhhhh social media. Can’t live with it. Can’t live without it-says the millennial pursuing a career in communications. Anyway, everybody and their uncles seem to be using social media platforms these days for various reasons, but I want to take some time and explore how companies manage their social accounts and highlight which companies are the social media gurus.

Companies seem to have an account for each social platform in hopes to build brand awareness, attract new customers, and out-do their competitors. However, it is not essential that a company creates accounts for the oh so many social media platforms that exist. For example, McDonalds do you really need a link to your Spotify or Tumblr account on your website? Absolutely not. McDonalds pays someone to make “McPlaylists” on Spotify that no one listens to. It’s a waste of time. And their Tumblr account… the latest post is two years old. If you can’t keep a platform up-to-date it should not be used. Also, if you can’t supply content that is relative or attractive to your target audience or consumers, then don’t use that platform.

There is one platform that seems to have taken the back seat within the past couple years, but if used properly, can be the most beneficial site of all. I am talking about Twitter.

Twitter enables users to post short 280-character updates, known as “tweets” which can include photos, videos, gifs, polls and links. Originally, Twitter had a limit of 140 characters which is quite difficult to get a clear, concise, relative message out just using such a limited amount of characters, but that’s the beauty of Twitter. Companies have to be witty, concise, creative, and most importantly FUNNY to effectively use this site. Each day there is a new trending hashtag, topic, or gif and companies have to monitor these updates to be successful. Now, Twitter isn’t a platform that all companies should use but if you have millennial customers you better have a strong Twitter presence. Here are two companies that effectively utilize their Twitter accounts to build awareness and engage with customers.

1.)   Wendy’s

Twitter: @Wendys

In my justified opinion, Wendy’s is hands-down the Twitter guru. Their tweets are funny, clever, consistent, and bold. Quite often Wendy’s responds to customers and will get into “rap battles” with other companies. Wendy’s stays up-to-date on those funky holidays that no-one ever knows about, like national burn day. Wendy’s is proud of who they are and their personality is well represented on Twitter. Their tweets have punch and they don’t try to please everyone. They know who they are and defend themselves against their competition. Wendy’s knows their target audience, their content is entertaining, and most of all they are bold and proud. If you’re ever bored look scroll through Wendy’s Twitter feed and I promise you won’t regret it.

2) Major League Baseball (MLB)


Twitter: @MLB

MLB uses a completely different strategy than Wendy’s but is still highly effective. MLB has a broader audience and has a bundle more content to push out. MLB does a great job balancing each team in the league, never focusing too much on one team. This account uses enhancing graphics with entertaining videos and gifs that create a relative aesthetic that most baseball fans appreaciate. The MLB Twitter is the perfect combination of essential baseball updates while also portraying the fun side within all the athletes. They do a great job of engaging with their customers, often hosting contests or creating copy that encourages users to respond to their posts.

By someone who can’t believe Twitter is still free.


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