Transitions: From Inigo to the “Real World”

Photo by Inigo Communications

Photo by Inigo Communications

By Blaine Danielson

As one of the founding members of Inigo Communications, I can say that it has single-handedly changed the way I work and the way I lead. Being college students, we are often told that everything will be much different once we burst our college bubble and move into the vast unknown of what is called the “Real World”. While it is true that we never really know exactly what to expect of our lives after graduation, I feel more than prepared because of my experience in Inigo.

As firm director of Inigo Communications for its first two semesters of business, I have learned infinitely more about this elusive “Real World” than any internship could have given me. I was able to tackle challenges head-on, lead a group of extraordinary students, and learn the ins and outs of of the communications industry.

While many other college students were simply attending class and then going home, members of Inigo Communications were out networking and working with real-life clients. We are doing work that we will eventually be doing in our careers in the “Real World”.

As I transition into post-grad life, I have realized just how important my time in Inigo has been. Through Inigo, I have found some of my best friends out of my co-workers and my fellow peers. We came together in order to create something bigger than ourselves that will live on after we graduate. I am so excited for the future of Inigo Communications as we continue to forge forward into the Chicago market.

The best part about Inigo is that it continues to grow at an astronomical pace. Each semester is better than the last as more and more students have the opportunity to experience our agency and hone their communications skills.

As the only student-run communications agency in Chicago, we have a distinct advantage when it comes to searching for jobs. My hope is that one day, an employer will see “Inigo Communications” on a resumé, and will know they are hiring someone who jump started their career in college.

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