The Importance of Connection

Image by RawPixel

Image by RawPixel

By Emily Robertson

Think about your favorite people in your life. You might not remember every single thing they've said to you, but you most likely remember how they've made you feel throughout the years. They've cheered you on. Made you laugh. Made you excited. Made you feel good.

Sure you might remember a few really great conversations in detail you had with them or know random facts no one else knows about them, but these small moments with them have accumulated to something greater - your relationship with that person. Once you create a relationship based off of positive experiences, you have built a foundation of trust and loyalty. Humans have a need to feel and connect.  However, brands don't need to be left out of this narrative. Brands can have emotions and just as effectively form a relationship with its consumers too.

Communication is all around us in all forms, and brands can take advantage of this. With conversations and communication happening all around us 24/7 with the rise of technology, most of these texts, tweets, and talks go over our heads and are forgotten or replaced with the next piece of communication that happens seconds later. Brands need to learn how to be remembered for producing content and messages that make their consumers feel good. Consider these mind-boggling statistics that a brand's single message has to compete with in a day:

Don't send out meaningless social media posts just to meet your daily quota. Don't create an ad that just rambles off random features of your product or service. And most importantly, don't just treat your consumers as sales numbers or profit for your business. Remember that they are human beings who want to feel connected to you emotionally. Research shows that humans remember events and conversations in greater detail and for longer when there is strong emotion involved.

Make your consumers feel empowered and confident with your product. Ensure that you will be there with them every step of the way. Make your social media posts stand out and take risks with your content. Be willing to create a relationship with them that goes beyond just a business partner and client. Be bold. Be brave. Be blunt.


People will remember you.

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